The “Stressed Out Millennial” is an emerging segment of CBD consumers who are reporting higher levels of anxiety since 2020, attributed in part to the particular group of social, political, and economic stressors that have occurred. The Brightfield Group data reports that an increasing number of “Stressed Out Millennials” are using various types of CBD and THC products to manage their mental health. In Q4 2021, this segment’s use of inhalable CBD products reached its highest levels yet, representing a growing majority of CBD users and a market opportunity for CBD brands. 

Who are the ‘Stressed Out Millennials’?

  • 61% women
  • 60% married or partnered individuals
  • 59% have children 
  • 67% have a household income under $75K 

Why are they more likely to use CBD and THC? 

“More than half (52%) of Stressed Out Millennials report using cannabis five days per week or more, making them 33% more likely than the average CBD consumer to use cannabis regularly.” 

  • More anxious than the average CBD consumer 
  • Less price sensitive to products marketed as stress-relieving 
  • Experience using Cannabis products 

What types of products are most popular among this group? 

  • Gummies and Candy 
  • Tinctures 
  • Key Takeaway: Opportunity to market inhalable CBD products to this population 

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