Our video library will be available for purchase as a monthly or annual subscription.

A subscription gives you the ability to share videos in your lobby, in your office, or with a patient in the comfort and privacy of their home. You simply log into your account, select the desired video or series to display, or share a private link as needed.

With just 30 new patients each month, the cost and time savings of an Endoveda subscription membership pays for itself.

Subscription Plans Start as Low as $560/month 

  • Annual Subscription: At $560 per month, you save 20 percent.
    • $6,720 
  • Monthly Subscription: With the monthly subscription, access the video library as you need it.     
    • $700 

Available Titles

  1. Mechanics of Cannabis I: What is Medical Cannabis and How Does It Work?
  2. Mechanics of Cannabis II: Hemp, Trichome, Strain
  3. What’s All the Fuss About?
  4. What is Flower?
  5. Delivery Methods 
  6. Conditions: Chronic Pain

Upcoming Titles

(release date Summer 2022)

  1. Conditions: Seizures
  2. Conditions: PTSD
  3. Conditions: Cancer
  4. Conditions: Epilepsy
  5. CBD vs. THC
  6. How Does the Endocannabinoid System Work?

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