endo: “from within”   |  veda: “knowledge, insight”

who we are

A medical Cannabis content curation + publishing company

Endoveda was founded in 2020 as a dynamic partnership that combines high-quality creative production with expert content curation. With the creative support of Launch Media’s production capabilities and proven history working with subject matter experts in the healthcare and Cannabis industry, Endoveda curates content that is research-based, up-to-date, and accessible. The team at Endoveda is deeply committed to sharing the developing picture of Cannabis science through straightforward, educational content. 

Founder of Endoveda and CEO of Launch Media John Jackson is a Louisiana native and a Cannabis patient himself. He first recognized the need for accessible Cannabis educational content after having a conversation with his mother, who suffers from fibromyalgia and lupus. When her symptoms were not improving, her doctor mentioned that she might try medical Cannabis, but she could not imagine even considering it as an option.

According to John’s mother and many others suffering from chronic conditions like her, Cannabis was a questionable alternative backed by years of negative and biased information, not an effective treatment option to manage her symptoms. 

Given his background in production, John knew he wanted to create educational and instructional content for patients, just like his mother, who needed straightforward, accessible facts about medical Cannabis to make informed healthcare decisions. 

The team at Endoveda hopes to combat many decades of stigma and misinformation as they share the evolving research of Cannabis science. Endoveda aims to deliver approachable, educational content that reflects the evolving Cannabis science to empower patients and providers in their healthcare decisions.

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