Understanding the Elderly and Their Relationship to the Plant

While those in the 65+ age group deal with various health conditions that would benefit from Cannabis treatment and therapy, this cautious demographic remains largely unconvinced of the safety and accessibility of Cannabis and marijuana products. Physicians and health advocates have the difficult task of educating this group on the treatment benefits of Cannabis, as an effective and trustworthy alternative to prescription drugs.  

Key Takeaways:

  1. Many elderly patients are concerned about ‘getting high’ if they use Cannabis products. Compared with the risks of many prescription drugs, research has proven Cannabis products to be neuroprotective and not detrimental to long-term cognitive capacity. 
  2. The War on Drugs has created a stigma around Cannabis products, raising a unique barrier of entry for those in minority communities. 
  3. The elderly population has consumed anti-Cannabis propaganda for decades, and Cannabis education will be an uphill battle. However, the results of continued research clearly indicate the benefits of Cannabis as a safe and effective treatment option. 

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